Red Wine

  • HOUSE WINE (France) French Wine £12.95
  • An easy drinking blend of cabernet sauvingnon for body, backbone and blackcurrant flavours with Merlot
  • CABERNET SAUVIGNON (Chile) Chile Wine £15.95
  • Smooth easy drinking with blackberry fruit
  • SHRAZ (Australia) Australian Wine £16.95
  • A soft, well balanced, easy drinking red
  • COTES DU RHONE (France) French Wine £17.95
  • Tannic with firm fruit and pepper flavours
  • RIOJA CRIANZA ORGANIC (Spain) Spanish Wine £18.95
  • Tasty and complex in the mouth with good structure and pleasant dominance of mature fruit
  • ORGANIC LADYBIRD (South Africa) South African Wine £21.95
  • Smooth and velvety with lovely plum notes and ripe silky finish makes this one of the best South African organic wines
  • FLEURIE (France) French Wine £22.95
  • Full fruit from the garanay grape
  • PINOT NOIR (New Zealand) New Zealand Wine £24.95
  • Expressive with a lovely mix of red and blackberry fruits
  • CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE (Saint Paul Rhone Valley) £32.95
  • There is an alluring intense bouquet of wild herbs leather and pepper
  • BRUNELLO (Italy) Italian Wine £39.95
  • Top quality from Tuscany, great character and depth
  • NUITS ST.GEORGES (Burgundy) £49.95
  • Firm, weighty wine with spicy richness


White Wine

  • HOUSE WINE (France) French Wine £12.95
  • Fruity, aromatic and zesty with a lovely balance
  • SEMILLON/CHARDONNAY (Australia) Australian Wine £15.95
  • Well balanced with oak and a crisp fresh finish
  • PINOT GRIGIO (Italy) Italian Wine £16.95
  • Crisp, fragrant, floral dry wine with soft fruit
  • CHENIN BLANC (South Africa) South African Wine £16.95
  • Dry and crisp with tropical fruit
  • SAUVINGNON BLANC (Chile) Chile Wine £16.95
  • Dry sauvignon with rich ripe fruit
  • VIOGNIER (Uruguay) Uruguay Wine £17.95
  • This fashionable dry white, has flowery aromas and rich fruit flavours
  • MACON VILLAGES (Burgundy) £18.95
  • Chardonnay with a fruity nose and clean palate
  • SANCERRE (Loire) £28.95
  • Classic medium dry sauvignon with gooseberry fruit
  • CHABLIS PREMIER CRU (France) French Wine £32.95
  • Finest characteristic in this first growth Chablis. Dry and fruity
  • HERMITAGE (France) French Wine £39.95
  • Rich, fruity and smooth with a lovely wooden finish


Rose Wine

  • PINOT GRIGIO RAMATO,II BARCO (Italy) Italian Wine £16.95
  • Delicate perfumed aromas of peach and rose petals with red fruit flavours on the palate, dry and well balanced
  • COTES DU RHONE ROSE (France) French Wine £15.95
  • Light fruity and smooth


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